There is something interesting happening almost every day at the HLSI. We offer a wide range of courses, on languages and art, music and cultural history. There are lectures, films, book and craft fairs, parties, concerts, and an annual quiz. We take part in the London Open House weekend and Highgate’s Fair on the Square.

Our members have a wide range of interests and these are reflected in a variety of special groups including book groups, a playreading and a poetry group, the Science Group, the Opera Circle and the Film Society.

The HLSI is registered under the Friendly Societies Act Registration No 51SA giving full charitable status

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Read about the serving officers of the HLSI here Profiles


The HLSI makes every reasonable effort to locate, contact and acknowledge rights holders and to correctly apply terms and conditions to any Content. In the event that any Content infringes your rights or the rights of any third parties, or Content is not properly identified or acknowledged we would like to hear from you so we may make any necessary alterations. In this event please contact: admin@HLSI.net

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