Profiles for the Officers of the HLSI


 Catherine Budgett-Meakin (President since 2014)  

 Catherine grew up in Highgate and both her parents were closely involved with the HLSI from the 1950s to 1970s.  She lived for 33 years in South London, 15 of which she spent teaching in comprehensive schools.  She then worked for the international charity Intermediate Technology (now Practical Action). The final part of her professional life was running a development and environment consultancy with a focus on population and environment issues.

She and her husband, John, moved back to Highgate in 2007 and set up the Highgate Climate Action Network in 2008.  She was Chair of the Highgate Society 2009-2012, and continues to chair their Sustainable Homes group.

Perham Harding (Honorary Treasurer, since 2016)

Perham grew up on the Essex coast and since leaving university has been based in London – the last 25 years in Highgate with his wife and (until relatively recently) his daughters.  His entire career has been in commercial and investment banking, with roles at various times in Frankfurt, New York and Seoul as well as in London.

Now retired, he is active as a dinghy sailor and treasurer of a sailing club on the south coast and enjoys cycling, reading, looking and learning.   Perham was initially attracted to the HLSI by its library; more recently, he has taken language classes and continues to explore the HLSI’s remarkable offering.

Wendy Browning (Honorary Secretary since 2013):

Born and educated in London, Wendy has been a member of the HLSI since 2004.  Now retired, she spent her working life in a variety of administrative roles with organisations in both the private and public sector.

Wendy is a keen supporter of the HLSI education programme and served on the Education Committee between 2008 and 2015.

Her spare time is spent gardening, reading, walking and socialising with friends and family.