Concerns about local parking

LATEST UPDATE 12/02/2019


We have now learnt that the joint letter by HLSI and the Highgate Society, has not persuaded Camden Council to postpone the Traffic Management Order. The TMO is now in place and the three-week consultation period has begun. Objections to the proposals will be accepted until 28 February.

Camden’s proposal

For the full proposal, click on this link –

The streets whose parking hours would be affected are:

Bisham Gardens, Highgate High Street, Highgate Hill (from Dartmouth Park Hill northwards), Highgate West Hill (from South Grove to the High Street), Pond Square, South Grove, Swains Lane (between South Grove and Bisham Gardens) and The Grove.

Please see the Highgate Society website for the case for Camden to consider all parties: residents, regular visitors, businesses and other organisations, such as HLSI –

What you can do

Naturally, we all wish HLSI to be as easily accessible to all, however they travel. In particular, those attending classes – usually two hours long – may wish to consider the length of parking time to be allowed, should the surrounding streets have day-long parking restrictions. 

If you feel these proposals will affect you, and your use of HLSI, whether you are a resident or not, we encourage you to contact Camden. Remember: these need to be received by 28 February.

This can be done via this address: 

or send a letter to:                                   

CA-U review

Parking Policy

Transport Strategy Service

London Borough of Camden

5th Floor, 5 Pancras Square

London N1C 4AG.  

You may be aware that Camden Council is proposing to bring in new parking hours in Highgate, increasing the hours that are chargeable from 10am-12noon, to 8.30am-6.30pm. A well-attended meeting of local people at The Gatehouse on 31 January resulted in a determination to challenge the decision because of the concerns about the impact on local businesses and those attending Highgate organisations such as HLSI. It also appears that the consultation process was not sufficiently full and correct. 
HLSI and the Highgate Society have joined forces to send a letter asking the Council to halt the implementation of this plan, in order to allow time for a holistic solution to be found to the significant and complex parking problems that face both the Camden and Haringey sides of Highgate Village. In particular the publication of the Traffic Management Order planned for 7 February, which would be the final procedure before implementation, should be halted. 
Please see the Highgate Society website for the full text of the letter sent to Camden. If, despite this, the TMO publication goes ahead on 7 February, the Highgate Society will:
– put up full details of how to respond to this. 
– provide a summary of points for letters and e mails and 
– potentially take further actions depending on the terms of the TMO.
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