Fitness for All


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Fitness for All*  

These sessions are open to absolutely everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or ability, experience or number of left feet!  Wheelchair-user friendly exercises will be adapted to make the course inclusive for all.

This physical exercise programme offers everyone the opportunity to improve their general fitness, strength and wellbeing in a safe, lively and structured environment.  Exercising to music is a hugely enjoyable way to experience a thorough workout and improve the quality of your life.  The hour-long sessions will consist of a warm-up, followed by simple low-impact cardiovascular routines, and then a ‘strength and tone’ segment with the use of resistance bands and optional weights, all followed by deep, relaxing stretches.  

Led by a teacher specialising in GP Exercise Referral and fitness for all ages, options will be offered for individuals with specific injuries or conditions.   Gentle but robust, targeting all the major muscle groups, and incorporating core strength exercises, this course aims to be fully body-conditioning… and fun!

Tutor:                    Misha Mansoor

Time:                     Mondays 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Dates:                   Sept 18 – Nov 27 (half term Oct 23)

                              Jan 8 – March 19 (half term Feb 12)

                              April 23 – June 18 (half term May 28)

Venue:                 Victoria Hall