The Odyssey in Translation


An introduction to Homer’s Odyssey in translation. We shall follow the adventures of Odysseus on his journey home from Troy – and discover how much more there is in this ancient epic than seductive nymphs and man-eating monsters.


The Odyssey is often called ‘the first novel’, and it has many of the aspects we look for in fiction today: suspense, lively writing, situations and characters we can identify with, and vivid glimpses into times and places illuminated by scholarship and archaeology. It has inspired countless writers in all ages, from Dante to Joyce, and still remains relevant in our lives.


We will read passages from the Penguin Classics translation by Robert Fagles, obtainable on Amazon.

Students are recommended to read the introduction to this edition prior to joining the course.


Tutor: Isabel Raphael

Dates: Tuesday Sept 12 and Wednesday Sept 13 2017

Time:  10.15 – 4.15pm


Venue: Gosling Room