Life Drawing


Still life by Vincent Milne, life drawing tutor at HLSI



Life Drawing*

This course is for those who want to develop their drawing and painting skills by working directly from the nude figure. Using short and long poses we will look at the use of line, tone and colour, proportion, superficial anatomy and measurement. All levels of ability are welcome.


Tutor:                    Vincent Milne

Time:                     Mondays 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Dates:                   Sept 18 – Nov 27 (half term Oct 23)

                              Jan 8 – March 19 (half term Feb 12)

                              April 23 – June 18 (half term May 28)

Venue:                 Victoria Hall

Fees:                     HLSI members £135 for a 10-week term

                              £96 for 7-week summer term

                              Non-members £160 for a 10-week term

                              £115 for 7-week summer term


Life Drawing Materials

Please bring to each class

Charcoal: A mixed box of all thicknesses

Graphite:  1 or 2 pencils 2B, 4B &/or Graphite sticks

Chalk: white school chalk

Miscellaneous: 1x putty rubber, 1x pencil rubber, 1 inch masking tape and a scalpel/craft knife

You can bring the following if you wish

Compressed charcoal

Conte (terra cottas, burnt siennas)

Chalk dry pastels

Ink/brush-pens/cartridge pens: non-waterproof ink as this is best for a wash

Water colours/water colour pencils

Miscellaneous: fixative spray (only to be used outside class as it is a health hazard)

For smudging charcoal:  cotton buds, any cotton material, tissues or chamois leather

For smudging graphite use linseed oil

For thinning oil pastels use low-odour turps


 Available: large A1 paper for sale at 25p a sheet (4 are usually used per class)