Tree Walks

HLSI Library

HLSI Library

Tree Walks

Time:       Wednesdays  10.30am – 12.30pm
Dates:      Autumn term 2019: 
                  18th & 25th September
                   2nd, 16th & 30th October
                   6th, 13th & 20th November
Venue:      Various – see programme
Fees:          £85 for 8 week term

This eight-week course takes place outdoors in various nearby parks: Waterlow Park, Kenwood Estate, Hampstead Heath, and Golders Hill Park.

Who is the course for?
This is a course in tree identification for beginners as well as for those with some knowledge. It is for people who want to improve their ability to observe, describe and identify trees. There will be some uneven terrain, but most walking is on paths and grass.

What will you learn?
We will be looking at broad-leaved trees and conifers, deciduous and evergreen trees. We will be concentrating on leaves, fruit and buds and bark and the course will include a comprehensive introduction to conifers. Aspects of tree taxonomy will be explained, including the concepts of genus, species, cultivar and hybrid.

Students will embark on learning a ‘new language’ by becoming more familiar with tree terminology.

How is the course taught?
Each session will take place in one of the parks. We will meet on site. The exact location will be announced prior to the start of the course. Teaching will be interactive with high student participation. Students will be encouraged to share their observations, make comments, ask questions and engage in discussions.

The parks we will visit have outstanding collections of trees and you will learn to identify a great number of species accurately. In order to do this, the students will develop skills, such as practical precise observation, comparison and the use of a methodology.

What to bring
Please bring a hand lens of magnification x10 and a notebook and pencil.

If you have a tree identification book, please bring it to the sessions. If you are thinking of acquiring one, Collins Tree Guide by Owen Johnson is recommended.

About the tutor
Bettina Metcalfe is a dendrologist with a keen interest in observing and identifying trees in ornamental settings in historic parks and gardens. She is a professional teacher and has extensive experience of leading tree study walks. Bettina is an active member of the International Dendrology Society.