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The Hanging by Richard Robbins

The Hanging by Richard Robbins

For Artists submitting works for exhibition in 2019

This page is intended as a quick guide to exhibiting at Highgate Gallery.
For full details, please read through the following in entirety.

The Space
Highgate gallery floor dimensions are 11m x 8m
There are 24.8m of clear linear hanging space on three walls with an adjustable hanging system

Selection of Work
Those interested in exhibiting should submit the following to the Highgate Gallery Committee: a CD or DVD with PC-compatible jpegs, with details of medium and size, a CV and a statement on the work one week prior to the selection meeting

Selection dates in 2018 are:
10 January, 7 March, 9 May, 11 July, 12 September and 14 November 

Fees for 2019
Highgate Gallery may be hired by an artist or by a group of artists on a two-weekly basis, Thursday to Thursday, for £700.

Hanging of work
You may hang the work yourself, or Highgate Gallery offers a Hanging Service for a reasonable fee.

Support for Exhibitors
A co-ordinator is assigned to liaise with the artist throughout the planning stage and during the exhibition. Publicity material is produced by Committee members, in conjunction with the artist, to promote the exhibition.

Highgate Gallery does not provide any supervision or security for works exhibited. Exhibitors unable to supervise their own exhibitions are obliged to hire invigilators through the Gallery at the cost of £8.75 per hour.