Science Group

March 2017
Tue 28

Italian Conversation (Intermediate)

This course is for students who have studied Italian for about two years

The Science Group aims to develop activities and interest in science and technology in the Institution.  Not all of its members are professional scientists; some have only a limited background in scientific and technological matters.  But we all feel that there is a need to encourage a greater understanding amongst non-scientists of what scientists do and of scientific method.  We are also concerned that so much popular discussion of subjects such as global warming and genetic engineering is based on a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge.

Topical Science

Experts talk about current developments in science, technology, medicine and the social sciences. Questions and discussion are encouraged. The meetings are open to anyone with a general interest in the topics, whether or not members of HLSI. Thursdays from 8 to 9.30 pm. There is no charge for admittance.

April 2017
Thu 06


May 2017
Thu 11

Dancing in the Dark: do economic statistics reflect the real world?

Discussion led by David Smith, Sunday Times

June 2017
Thu 08