January 2017
Tue 24
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Italian Conversation (Intermediate)

This course is for students who have studied Italian for about two years

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January 2017
Thu 26
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Highgate Debate: This house believes that the NHS should be attempting the impossible

Proposing: Philip Steer, Emeritus Professor, Imperial College, London Ed

Tue 31
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Social Class in the 21st Century

Mike Savage

February 2017
Fri 03
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Detail from design for the circus pavilion at Sochi 1969 gouache and wat

Highgate’s Cultural Heartbeat

We offer new ideas, opportunities for debate and discussion, and good, lively company.

At the HLSI you will find a library for borrowing, research and browsing; a members’ room with all the major periodicals; stimulating weekly lectures; popular films; art exhibitions; science discussions; musical events and trips to the theatre and opera. Our archive has a wealth of documents and pictures of all kinds relating to Highgate past and present.


reserve your free place by calling 020 8340 3343 or email admin@HLSI.NET

This house believes that

The NHS should be attempting the impossible

Proposer Dr Philip Steer, Emeritus Professor, Imperial College, London. Editor Emeritus, BJOG – an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology

Opposer Dr Mala Rao, Professor and Senior Clinical Fellow, Dept of Primary care and Public Health, Imperial College, London



Since it was established in 1839, the HLSI has been an essential part of the life of Highgate.

We are in the heart of the village, overlooking Pond Square, in the building into which we moved in 1840.

We want to share with everyone our interest in life, the arts, literature and science.
Come and join us!